The workout starts at 7:00, some arrived 30 minutes early, most arrives 10-15 minutes early and a lone ranger arrives 5 minutes late.

The Warmup:

SSH x 46

Imperial Walker x20

Good Mornings x15

Robert Plant the garden stairs x3

Run down the train tracks to our favorite hill, Rocky Balboa x5

Head across the park to the concessions area for “The Lab”.  Topic today was form:

Squat Therapy x10

1/2 group for a handstand hold, other half for perfect form slow merkins x20; switch

Perfect form slow air squats x20, same with dips x20

Walking Lunges to the stone circle for SSH x20, SSH w/Jazz Hands x15

Run to amphitheatre for step ups 10 counts per leg

Mary: 20 counts for everything: LBC, flutter kicks, WWII sit ups, hello dolly, Froggies, Freddy Mercuries and finish with a group circle count of 5 each for a 6 inch leg hold.

Wrap up with an inchworm class led by Floppy Disk

Sprint to Shovel Flag for Stretching



tclaps to Big Sproles for bringing a camera for our group picture!

tclaps to Smurf and Art Vandalay for throwing down a great workout after a FNG Smurf posting last week.

tclaps to Maize for the Larry Bird during our running of Rocky Balboa

tclaps to Howard for always leading us in Prayer and getting us together at Cup-A-Joes!

The results of the lab work is a lot of PAIN due to handstands.  Work is still needed on proper form, especially as we do more than 10 in a row.

Rocky Balboa today was tough.  5 laps where we run up the Jacobs Ladder hill, continue on up the hill further and loop around.  At the bottom we do the burpees.  This exercise wore everybody out as intended.