The Thang:

Warm Up

Fellowship Jog from Parking Area to Stone Circle

SSH X 40

Arm Circles Forth & Back

Pendelum Kicks

Modified Mountain Climbers

Ampitheater Mash Up

2 Sets:

Jane Fonda Right Leg X 25

Donkey Kick Right Leg X 25

Jane Fonda Left Leg X 25

Donkey Lick Left Leg X 25

Alternating Left/Right Step Up X 20

Calf Raises X 20

Merkin with a Clap X 12

Incline Merkin X 12

Decline Merkin X 12

Tricep Dips X 20

Fellowship Jog to Pavillon

The Finisher Part I

Dog Leg to the Left with 3 Burpees at Top X 3

Fellowship Jog to Football Field

The Finisher Part II

Olympics are Burning — Partner 50 Yd windsprints with Fireman’s Carry Returning X 4 (each Pax carries Partner twice)

The Finisher Part III

Mashup of Planks and Mary Business Time


The Moleskin

  • Joke Brigade fully deployed, Gee, Wendell, commanding, during Jane Fonda time, which resulted in a Dog Leg to the Left X 3 to ensure everybody was focused.
  • Tclaps to TARP for cogent explanation of what exactly bankers do for a living.  “Take your money and sell it back to you.”   
  • Aye.  One pax said afterwards, “yeah, that was good.  I had a little left in the tank at the end…”  We’ll fix that pronto.