Prepared by Fazio and Posted by Money Hose:

The Thang: 
Warmup run to parking lot for SSH, Mountain Climbers, Arm Circles and Merkins
Curb Work:  mini jump-ups, alterating step-ups, calf raises (3x each)
Jog around soccer field – karaoke, high knees, butt-kickers
Pushorama – standard, stagger, diamond, wide-grip
Jog to House O’ Cats for Hamburger Hill – House O’ Cat combo: 
divide into two groups
group 1 runs from house down Hamburger Hill – burpees at bottom – runs up Hamburger Hill back to house all while group 2 does People’s Chair, then groups reverse (5x with decreasing burpee count on each run 5-4-3-2-1)
Circle up for Mary:  crunchy frogs (aka Jane Fondas), LBC’s, side oblique crunches, rosalita, 6-inch leg hold with circle count

Welcomed 3 FNG’s – Fletcher continues to grow at a steady pace
Welcome Back Kotter to Track Star – overheard that wife has been studying for the bar (nuff said)
Plenty of Larry Birding to go around today, and no, the substitute Q in the box was not intentionally trying to boost egos out there #underestimatedimpactofcountingwhileexercising
Decent amount of humidity this morning – I think I saw it raining from the ground up at one point
Comment from FNG Roly – “Good workout, but I didn’t think I’d get so wet.”

Add’l Commentary from Money Hose: 

Tclaps to Fazio for universally high marks on his rookie QIC at Fletcher Park.  Single tear from yours truly over the return to the House of Cats.  “They are so cute when they are asleep…”

The Buddy Shoe recruiting push continues.  Yours truly humbly takes credit for Roley and derivative responsibles for Creflo.  Any advantage over the Shoe is illusory, though.  The Shoe brings an add’l FNG each week.  The rest of us bring an FNG each quarter.  Now, mind you, nobody else is handing out cash and shoe contracts in office parking lots across the Triangle, but one must give credit where it is due.  Tclaps.**

**If some guy named “Buddy Shoe” has not been implicated in high-level NCAA recruiting violation(s) yet, it is only a matter of time.