5 months ago it was cold, raining and two carloads of crazy men came up from Charlotte to kick off F3 in Raleigh.  Many of the original PAX are still showing up and today we had 20 faithful show up at Pullen park.

Every month at the beginning of the month, we do the Murph as a way for a killer workout and to measure our progress.  This was our second month doing the Murph, the times were faster in general and more of the PAX did real pullups instead of rows on a swingset.

The Thang:

Murph (1.3 mile runs before/after)

Mary, Dips, Lunges, Plank-o-rama, Peter Parker, Parker Peter, mini jumps with backwards/forward sprints x5, indian run.


The Moleskin:

tclaps to our two new FNGs (Smurf, Art Vandalay). Art Vandalay is a friend of White Shoe and brought Smurf out.

tclaps to White Shoe for inviting his friends, he really knows a lot of people.

tclaps to Smurf for hearing White Shoe trash talk the Murph before the workout (remember he is a FNG) and his response is ‘oh cool, that will be fun’, as long as it isn’t Fight Gone Bad.  Afterwards Smurf called the Murph ‘A Bitch Slap’, this guy is serious stuff.

tclaps to T2, White Shoe and Tecumseh for doing real pullups.  Although there is question about how real the pullups where, sort of like the question about how real Dredd does his burpees.

tclaps to Chong Lee and Door 2 Door for getting in some real pullups as well

tclaps to the Maize and BAM! for finishing first 41:00 and picking up some Mary.

The times last month ranged from 51:00->64:00, today they ranged from 41:00->72:00.  Most PAX increased their time by 5-8 minutes from last month, or they did more pullups.

tclaps to White Shoe for trash talking before and after.  We can blame him next week when CK dials up the PAIN knob to see if we can get him to TBQ.