The Thang:

The mid-summer vacation schedule produces a Star Wars Bar effect where you never know who’s gonna bounce into the gloom.  We were glad to have Wendell Gee in effect prior to his 2 week Clark Griswoldian Odyssey in the Family Truckster.  T Claps to Mr. Gee for chairing the 0617 arrival subcommittee. 

Warm Up:  Run around Mob Style; SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

The Main Event: Combination of karoakes, high knees, heels to hinds, 120 yd windsprints, Pusharama (merkins, wide merkins, dry docks, finger tip merkins, merkins), Various Six Minute of Mary exercises (LBCs, alternating, dollies, rosalitas, flutter kicks, high leg kicks), more windsprints, Plankarama, all sorts of nonsense (there were some hybrid merkins in there that haven’t been seen before).

Close Out: Copious amounts of stretching (Lower half). 



If you’re still reading this, you’ve gathered that my recollection from Wednesday is hazy due to the complete mash up of running, merkins, ab exercises, planks, etc. in no particular order.   The mashup was strateg-erical.  The On Golden Pond memory is not.  Probably due to a lack of oxygen.  We worked it very hard. 

No FNGs today but the White Shoe recruiting fest continues as we had some reappearance of recent FNGs.

The Sheriff’s Office has put out an amber alert for 1) Linda and 2) Ally McBeal.  Understand there’s now an F3 Baja California Qed by “Gringo Contractor” and “Paper Chase.”  We’ll send out a search van next week.

That’s all.