Total of 29 strong F3 men showed up from some serious amped up suck fest. For almost half the group this was their 2nd beat down after Go-ruck training lead by the infamous White-Shoe aka bear crawl zen master.

The Thang:

Warmup:1) starts with burpees* 10, 2) Knee Tucks *10, 3) box merkins * 5 (start up in push up position then shift right, down, then left while hovering the ground, push from the left arm back up), 4) SSH*20, 5) Double Line Indian Lunge/squat (Double line, everyone forward lunges then squat then lunges, etc walks while the rear 2 sprint forward, then sprint to the rear backward, and then forward again) = a butt load of lunges

The Hill across the street:  Carry 25lb rice bags over to the hill across the street.  3 groups.  1 group at the top, one at the bottom and one to carry the rice bags.  The pax feels strong so more burpees it is.  While group 1 carries the rice bags up, the other two groups do burpees.  Exchange rice bags with another group and repeat burpees and rice carry till at least 3 cycles each and about 40+ burpees

walk/jog/recover back to the park with the rice bags and start at the stairwell.  Store the rice bags and everyone bear crawls up 6 flights of stairs. Then circle up at the grass fields for some modified jack weber fun.  Dry-Dock weber ascending pyramid with a 1:4 ratio of merkins to arm raises for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 cycle.  Next 30 yard backward lunges by pax followed by single leg table hold for 30 sec each.

Pax given a choice for more gruesome leg hell or round robin of hell…peoples choice is round robin:

1 complete evolution of each station by 4 groups:  Group 1) Pike pullups (while hanging bring your toes to your hands) * 10, merkins*10, and air squats *10 repeat cycle until relieved. Group 2) Rice bag carry up the 6 flights of stairs followed by jump ups *10, repeat until relieved. Group 3) Dive bomber merkins (pilate merkins?) till failure.  Group 4) Jogs around pond and relieves group 3, who relieves group 2, etc.

Back to the field for some more!!!:

1) Plyo merkins*20  2) WW2 situps *51 3) Air squats*20 4) slow count air squats *20 5) forward and backward lunges each leg *8.  TImes up, too bad I had a lot more planned.

COT. Announcements.  Goruck next weekend we are collecting donations from our F3 brethern who cannot or choose not to participate.  We need $500 in change to donate to wounded soldiers. Step up my F3 Bros!  Wonk hands out dandy business cards with F3 workout schedules. Blue Ridge Relay, nearing deadline for HC speak with CK or myself.

Ball of men and prayers.

Best parts for me were seeing Floppy Disk return after his shoulder surgery (you are strong brother), surprise or was that horror on everyone’s faces when I started the first warmup exercise with burpees, Enron smiling at me while doing more lunges and air squats, No chatter from the pax while doing the double line indian lunge/squat, lots of complaining doing WW2 situps, Chong Li called me an A**hole for a Q (That was truly an honor I’m proud of)