As F3 Raleigh continues to expand, a historic Saturday was upon the PAX.  We aren’t Baskin Robbins just yet, but we are offering two flavors for your Saturday morning beat down.  Thirteen men chose to start their weekend at the bed rock that is Pullen Park, so we had a quick jog around the Pullen pond and then:

Warm Up:

SSH x 25, Fazios (both ways) x 10, Good Mornings x 10, Windmills x 10

Squat and Push

20 Merkin, 19 Squat, 18 Merkin, 17 Squat……..0

Jog to the Tennis Courts for.

Arc Loader (w BTTW interlude)

Two groups:  first group does three court bear crawl, lunge walk back

group two does 5 burpees, then Balls to the Wall until group one returns

flapjack, rinse and repeat with crab walks and gorillas

Exit stage left, to the rock pile for:

Gun Show

Grab reasonable sized rock, bicep curls, tricep extension, shoulder press x 15 each (no rest between exercises)—repeat x 10 and x 5

Quick jog past Andy and Opie to the snack bar patio for:

Carousel Sprints:

Two groups: group one sprints from snack bar area-around the carousel and back to the patio

group two does chilcutt

flapjack x 3

Finish with a quick Alt L/R step up x 15, Irkins x 10

Mary of LBC (50), Freddies (20), WWII (20), Rosalita (20), 6 in leg hold x 5 count around the circle


-great to have 4 FNGs among the relatively small Pullen crowd.  YHC expected a lighter crowd today due to the Catalyst grand opening, and it was reminiscent of what a typical Pullen crowd might have looked like just 8-9 months ago.  Speaks volumes about the Raleigh PAX that we could have 30 folks just up the street and still draw 13 at Pullen.  A few months from now, we may well have 30 or more at each site.

-tclaps to Teeter for pulling in three FNGs.  Those guys pushed hard and we hope they will come back.

-keep EHing guys, as we are well positioned to handle more growth on Saturdays.

-holler at YHC if you want to take the Q reins at Pullen this fall.