26 PAX showed up at North Hills Park in the crisp Monday morning gloom to sweat out the sins of the weekend.  Mission accomplished, I’d say.

A few observations from YHC on his maiden Q:

  • Reflective vest, strobe light, headlamp  – we won’t pick on you.  Probably not a bad idea to buy one or more from the F3 Gear Store.  Almost getting run over by the parade of cars on Yadkin at 550am while doing incline merkins on the curb in the pitch dark was a bit dicey.
  • Ernie’s put a motion on the floor that Sisyphus be renamed “Syphilis”.  After the beat-down this AM (see below), I suspect we’ll get a quick “second”.  Plus, I know Enron needs a name for his greenway hill near Martin Middle.
  • Even Sharpie’s won’t write on wet paper, so apologies in advance if I’ve botched your name or missed something from COT.
  • Please conclude the reading of this Backblast with a virtual plank hold for White Shoe, since I forgot this morning despite being reminded multiple times.



Windmills X 25

SSH X 25

Mountain Climber X 25

Fazio Arm Circle X 10, Reverse X 10

Count to form 2 groups – even/odd


Indian run up Currituck to right on Yadkin to belt line bridge w/ 4 stops along the way.

Stop 1 (beltline bridge) -incline merkins x 25 on curb

Stop 2 (greenway bridge) – decline merkins x 30 using bridge rail

Stop 3 (on greenway) – prisoner squats x 25, hold on 26

Stop 4 (under belt line bridge, grab a rock) –

Curl x 25, Squat/thrust forehand (Wimbledon) x 25, Tricep press x 20, Squat/thrust backhand (Wimbledon) x 25, Russian Hammer w/ rock x 20

Stop 5 (base of Sisyphus, partner up). Partner 1 carries 2 up Sisyphus (piggyback/Bobby Petrino) as far as possible.  20 count.  Flapjack/partner 2 carries 1.  Run rest of way.  Plank at top.

Group rotations:

Group 1 (evens):  Picnic shelter (sets rotation cadence):  Elevens (10 jump ups/1 dip, 9 jump ups, 2 dips, and so on….).  Plank when done.

Group 2 (odds):  Tennis courts for bear crawl/merkin suicides lengthwise and back across both courts x 3 (5 merkins at each line — standard, stagger right, diamond, stagger left, wide grip).  Plank when done.

Groups 1 and 2 flapjack.

Mary in grass.

LBC x 50, Reverse LBC x 25, Dolly x 25.


Cotton’s family (Matt and wife Laura) were lifted in prayer on the recent loss of Laura’s father from cancer and the unexpected loss of her brother Benjamin this past week.

New Saturday workout (Catalyst) began Aug 3rd at Carroll Middle School, 7-8am.  Come on out.

Aug 8th – Come enjoy an evening of 2nd F at The Bull & The Bear 7:30pm – ???

Aug 14th – New Wed workout (Urban Jungle) begins at North Hills Mall (JCP entrance) 5:45-6:30am

August 19th – New Mon workout (Zero Hour) begins at Jaycee Park off Wade Ave 5:45-6:30am

Oct 5th – Second Annual Running of the Mules