2 laps around the parking lot
SSH x20
Fazio arm circles x20
Windmills x20
Mountain Climbers x20
Plank Claps x10
1 minute of jets football training: updowns knee tucks and burpees mixed
karaoke feet 40yards x2
Jog to the playground for chutes and ladders:
7 times:
up the slide hill, 10 merkins, down the steps, 10 jump squats

3×5 pullups on monkey bars

Jog to the swings for tuck and hammer 2×10:
knee tucks (legs on swings, plank on ground)
other group does russian hammers

Jog to the trail heads for the Bronx:
crab walk 40 yards, 5 merkins, jog to start, repeat 5 times
lunge walk 40 yards, 5 squats, jog to start, repeat 5 times

Jog to rock circle in playground for Mary:
LBC x35
6″ leg hold x30
Freddy Mercury x25
WWII situp x20


Great fellowship and work by all PAX attended.  This was Coney’s first Q and he nailed it.  The guys in Cary are really setting a high quality bar for Q’s and workouts.