Airhart gave the disclaimer to lone fng and then 14 pax were off. 

Mosey to the baseball for warm-up SSH. good morning. Imperial Walker. Merkins. low plank hold calf stretches. Leg stretches

 Mosey and side shuffle to the near hill for a modified beast. Backwards run up, jog down. Six stops were: wide grip merkins,  dive bomber, Dying cockroach. V up, Hammer. Merkins. 10 pull-ups after each leg.  

Mosey to the soccer field for Billy run to the corners. From side midfield, run BR to the far corner, side shuffle to next corner, BR to far side midfield corner, side shuffle to start pt. 

Circle up for Mary speed round: Dolly. Rosalita. box cutter x 2. Merkins. diamond.  wide grip.  6 inch leghold. Freddie mercury. Hammers. LBC. WWII

 Announcements. Q school this Sunday 3 PM Carroll MS. May 17 dinner at healing transitions – see Denali. lunch for the homeless see McCants. Murph raising money for the military families on memorial day- see Chef tell

Silent prayers sent out. Chef tell offered to take us out.

Great time men