14 PAX arrived on a warm morning in the shadows of Shelley Lake.  No FNG’s, no disclaimer and we were off.

Warm-up: Jog up Millbrook road to the greenway, cross the damn and run around the lake hanging right to the upper parking lot.  #ringoffire  Circle up for 10 good mornings in cadence.

Head over to the picnic tables for 3 rounds (Rd 1 x 10, Rd 2 x 8, Rd 3 x 5) of:

Single Leg Squats
Single Leg Squats (other leg)
Prisoner Squats

Move over to the parking lot.  Run standard suicide then Jack Webb (1 merkin to 4 shoulder press) up to 7.  Run standard suicide then Jack Webb (1 dying cockroach to 4 single count freddie mercury).  Run standard suicide then Jack Webb (1 squat to 4 monkey humpers)

Head to the lower parking lot for Mary.  Partner up, P1 runs around the median in the parking lot while P2 does AMRAP lBC’s.  Switch and continue until time is called.

Announcements:  Cornhole tournament – Contact McGruber to fill in remaining blocked off teams.  Healing Transitions dinner next Tuesday, May 17th.  See sign up sheet on website.

Continued prayer requests for Orwell and closed out in prayer by Maize.

-RM out