12 mighty PAX emerged from the gloom to start their week off right at North Hills! YHC was excited to bring it back to where it all began (for YHC, that is). After some wackiness with the gate to the park, we all got organized and with no FNGs, we struck out at a nice clip to get the morning going…


  • Jog from NH Park to Hyde Street; bear crawl up, do 10 X Merkins at the top, then crab walk down. Squat hold while waiting for the PAX.
  • Mosey over to the front parking lot at Brooks Magnet Museum Elementary School.
  • Good Morning x 15
  • SSH x 15
  • Mountain Climber x 15
  • Quick Feet x 15
  • Low Erkin (Lerkin) x 15

The Thang

Head on over to the short track…

  • 6 laps, stopping each 1/2 lap for 5 Standard Merkins; plank while waiting for YHC to finish
  • Various Putins/Sarkozys while resting

Jog to basketball court…

  • Run to the top of the walkway, shimmy down on hands and feet down the railing, run to end of bball court. Perform X 3, with 5/10/15 squats at the end of each round.

Run behind the school to the back grassy area, and down the steps…

  • People’s Chair
  • X 5 – Run up the steep knoll, perform X 5 Burpees, run back down and touch the fence
  • People’s Chair/Arms out/Arms up
  • Balls to the Wall, 5 count down the line

Jog up behind the gym…

  • X 6 of all this – run up the steps, perform Derkins x 6 on the low plastic retaining wall, then jog back down to the gym wall for Balls to the Wall Mountain Climbers x 6

Head back to the bottom of Hyde Street, stopping for LBCs x 15. From there, run up Hyde turning right on Tyrell, and stopping at the corner of Currituck for American Hammers x 15. Run back to the starting point in the park and circle up…


  • LBC x 15
  • Low Slow Flutter x 15
  • Elmer Fudd to ‘Lil Mama x 15
  • Windshield Wipers x 15


  • Announcements – 3rd F Dinner on Tuesday, 5/17 from 4:30/5:00 – 8:00/whenever. Come help serve food, grow in fellowship and faith, enjoy your fellow PAX! Sign up sheet here.
  • Prayer Requests – Rain Man’s family member and Orwell’s relationship
  • Cotton led us out with kindness, thoughtfulness, and gracious words

Azul out…