What do you get when you cross A-Team with a closed gate? More Running!!!!

The 19 member PAX formed up at the front of Apex Community Park, and for the second week in a row, recite the disclaimer. Since split second precision is now apparently the norm at A-team, the Q stalled for another 20 seconds until the 4 GPS satellite signals converged on his precision timepiece indicating the time to depart had arrived. We took a nice stroll to the large picnic shelter. Why did the PAX warm up in the Picnic Shelter? More on that in the NMS. [1]

Warmup: 20 SSH, 20 GM, 20 Pike stretch (10 each side), 20 Hackey Sacks.

The Thang:

Big Suicide Take 2: Starting at the southern base of the parking lot

All excercises OYO except as noted

20 Merkins , hustle to the top of the loop, 20 All Stars, return to the start, Plank until PAX reforms

20 Merkins, mosey to the end of the parking lot, 20 Say Hey Willies, return to the start, Plank until PAX reforms [2]

20 Merkins, jog to the speed bump at the base of the hill, 20 CDD, return to the start [3], Plank until PAX reforms

Q informed the PAX should any member not have entered the loop, any PAX reaching the base of the loop to do another lap.

The PAX had a discussion on the proper technique for the Scuba Buda, eventually settling on the method proposed by Katniss

20 Merkins, lumber to the speed bump at the top of the hill, Some Planking variations were called out by Old Maid whole the Pax reformed at the hilltop, 20 Scuba Buda (IC for some reason?!?), return to the start, Plank until PAX reforms.

20 Merkins, amble to the stop sign, 20 Dolphin Push-ups[4], return to the start [5], Plank until PAX reforms

Skip the Merkins race to the second stop sign, 20 Plank Jacks [6], Return only to the top of the hill.

20 Merkins, huff it to the gate, and cap it off with 20 David Lee Roths [7]

3 Stravas – http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#570418063?c=dnrgqk8n&z=I&t=1NC5mX&a=j-P_Ibfe_yEekP8h

Hot Spot – 3.3 Miles, Michelob – 3.5 Miles, Old Maid – 3.9 Miles (Faster you are, more loops done while the PAX caught up) – I think that’s a record.



Welcome FNG Wilber – Named for http://www.wilbersbarbecue.com/ in his hometown.


May 15th Q School @ Carroll Middle School, 3:30 PM till 5PM. Chong Li (jlbenn@gmail.com ) and YHC will be the Qs. Send us names you think would benefit from the overview of the mission and purpose. Q Schools in the past have had 15 to 20 PAX, appreciate your help here. [8]


May 17th – 3rd F Dinner/Service Opportunity @ Healing Transitions 5pm till 8pm. We’ll serve and eat with the clients, then hear Traynor Reitmeier speak afterwards Would be great to have all AO’s send at least 1 PAX, contact Denali (smckinley@rivercrestrealty.com) if you can HC. 25+ are in so far, looking to get 50 there.

May 30th- Still coalescing on a plan for “The Murph” for Memorial Day. Workout will run from 7am-8am, location TBD. Healing Transitions Dinner

Prayer Requests:

Hotspot’s Grandmother Mary has moved into an assisted living facility in Ohio near one of her son’s after living with Hotspot’s mother for the last 6 years. Please pray for health and healing for his Grandmother, as well as strength and perseverance by all the concerned family members

Term Paper’s son William has been tearing it up in some local track and field meets, however he’s had some cardiac events following a couple of his races. Please pray for his health and for the inspiration of his doctors to diagnose his issues.

Naked Moleskin:

[1] Site Q’s were surveying the AO for a good spot to do Pull ups for “The Murph” coming to A-team on May-30. YHC planned on arriving early and scoping it out ahead of time, but hey, the gate was closed!

[2] Resident Mumble Chatter Ninja Burt dubbed this the “Big Goofy Workout”

[3]Q informed FNG Wilber that there is not usually this much running at A-team. Bartman called YHC out, then told Wilber that he said the same thing to some FNG’s three weeks in a row, “It’s not usually this (Insert adjective here)”. Face it men – It’s always Pain in some way or another! Glad to be a part of it!

[4] Cheddar-Bo sat in his truck and watched the proceedings. Unfortunately, it was a particularly provocative exercise. Hopefully none of the PAX get Blue-dots for this.

[5] Many calls from many Fathertimes to call an audible, but Q stilled held to plan, at least for the moment.

[6] Near revolt of the Father Times! YHC came to his senses and called an audible

[7] Not so popular, little did the PAX know that the original plan called for DLR burpees!

[8] Based on the fact that YHC continually screws up about every aspect of the workout, he really should go!

I hope you guys realize how much F3 means to me. It’s really an honor to be a part of this group.