A record 15 PAX descended upon Martin MS for a great morning of running.  Mid-40s is the perfect temperature for a run – warm enough for one layer, cool enough to keep you comfortable … but not comfortable for long after the #HiFidelity starts.  GO!
1/2 mile warm-up with butt-kickers, high knees and 2 strides.
Circle up for Dynamic Stretching
Good Mornings x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Wind Mills x 20
The Preview
2 x 400 @ R-pace – that is FAST, at your pace for a mile
The Main course
2 mile Progression Run – start slow and drop 5 seconds off each lap time.
  • The Goal is to end up at R-Pace on the 8th lap.  Most started at 2:05 – 2:15 per lap.  At least one pair got below 1:30/lap.  YHC miscounted – as good as I can be at math, I am not good at 6:15a while exercising – so Bob Villa enjoyed 9 laps me….
1/2 mi cool down at Fellowship Pace
Kotters for many – good to have Flatline and Ben Johnson back in the Pax (but ahead of me in the run!)