21 PAX posted for some prison yard fun. Fetzer has been hogging all of the coupon workouts so we brought out all of the coupons to Rameses for a circle of pain but included some hill repeats just for added fun.

Warmup: 20 X SSH, 10 x Good Mornings, 10 X Willie May Hayes, 20 x mountain climbers, 10 x merkins

The Thang:

Back to the OEC parking lot for a circle of pain. Stations consisted of renegade rows, shoulder presses, burpees, weighted Russian hammers, merkins, dumbbell curls, 40 lb. Ruck overhead, weighted squats, dumbbell tricep extensions and many more. After completing certain stations, runs of varying length were performed and several included steep inclines to the bottom of the hill and back up. With 21 stations, we ran out of time so Mary was short:

Mary:  20 x Tarheels to Heaven, 20 x low flutter

COT: reminder of F2 event tomorrow night at the Crunkleton at 8:00 and 12 Days of Christmas workout coming next Wednesday on X-mas Eve. Same time but workout will be slightly extended to get in all of the fun of the 12 days