15 Pax at Danger Zone.  Welcome 2 FNGs – Marlboro and Shkreli!  Jog the pickle, prime warm up – good mornings, cotton pickers, ssh, mountain climbers, merkins, Reward burpees – 5 for Bartman figuring out we were doing prime number counts

Penalty burpees – 2 for YHC not being able to remember the prime numbers

The Thang:

  • Partner Dora (sort-of): 150 Dips, 200 Calf raises at steps, 300 incline merkins, P2 run around path
  • Mosey to b-ball court, grab coupons P1 – Peoples Chair Alternating Curls, P2 Suicides, flapjack
  • P1 – Coupon V-ups, P2 – run around the pickle, flapjack
  • NINEs – Burpees at bottom of parking lot, jump lunges at top, audible to cut run in half
  • One round of Mary by the Q that named YHC – Ma Bell.

COT, Count-o-rama – 15, name-o-rama, 4 respects. Announcements – the 3rd F thing at the church went good, very good.

Prayer Requests – none spoken.

YHC took us out.