So yeah, Cletus was warm and moist in the gloom this morning. We had a good turnout with 17 PAX total. Four 5 packs were accomplished on the week. The time was 5:46 when the PAX headed out to get wet behind ear (Mr. Miyagi).

Jog down to lighted parking lot. High knees into butt kickers on the front side. Right karaoke into left karaoke on the back side, then circle up.

Warm Ups
SSH x25
Reverse plank jacks x20
High knee up/downs x10
Upper body stretches

The Thang
Chilly broad jumps (2 rounds) – pax in line doing chillcut plank side by side with 3 feet between each person. Last in line jumps over back to the end. Next person follows.
Partner Up
Wheelbarrow Merkins – each parking spot line do set of merkins 10,8,6,4,2 = 30 total
Slow jog over to white fences, stay with partner
P1 – Fence DD slides – place legs inside middle rack on fence. 5 diamond derkins, slide feet to right side at pole and do 5 DD’s, slide back, 5 DD’s, slide back, 5 DD’s = 20 total
P2 – Windshield wipers until P1 completes
Indian Run to playground
P1 – Hanging leg raises x20
P2 – One arm turkish get ups until P1 completes (the moist was strong with this one)
Rinse and Repeat
Mosey over to picnic shelter. Grab a table.
Dips x25, Box Jumps x15, Irkins x20 (R&R)

Head to covered shelter with lights
Rocked out to “Thunderstruck” to wind down. SSH entire song while doing a burpee each time you hear the word thunder. 33 total burpees

Reverse LBC’s x20
Heels to heaven x20

COT – Announcements for City of Oaks Run, possible Starbucks run, new time at Possum Trot 5:30, discussion raised on Kenny’s Graveyard to go dormant during winter.
Prayers – Banana Seats surgery next Wednesday, Big Blues friend with 2 year old recovering from concussion.

Bernie had the floor with some inspiring words about the Gloom and what it means to him. Very nice work of art. Will post on FB page and email.

Closed out with Romans 12:10
Love one another with brotherly affection. Out do one another in showing honor.

It was definitely an honor leading this morning and each morning I have in the past. I want to personally thank everyone that has prayed for me and my family during this time. I will miss the gloom but will be quick to return. Keep pushing!