An energetic Pax of 27 gathered around the shovel flag on cool Saturday. YHC had hoped to lead the Pax through a mud-run preparation and had too many ideas running through his head. YHC channeled his inner Countrywide and winged it. Warning the Pax of YHC’s uncertainty and throwing out a lame disclosure we started.

Warm Up
Good Morning x 15 with a messed up cadence, not starting well.
Imperial Walker x 15
Merkins x 15
Mountain Climbers x 20
Run to curb for quick feet x 25

The Thang
went something like this:
Frogger across six forks to St. Timothy’s wall for Wall Climbers (idea stolen from a Gnobby workout last year):
Partner A: scale wall, once over 5 burpees run around wall back to start
Partner B: jump squats amrap
Flap Jack x3
Each partner scaled the wall 3 times.

Jog down Northbrook Drive stopping at each cross street for:
Ski abs x 20
Prisoner Squats x 20
Merkins x 20

Backward run up Rampart street to Brooks Elementary
(-we tried to keep Epoxy 100 yards away from the school at all times)

Bunny hops over parking lot blocks length of lot.

Mosey over to railing for Rail hoppers.
Partner A: hops over both railings using hands to assist back and forth AMRAP while
Patner B: bear crawl length of basketball court and runs around track
(the average vertical of the PAX is about 5 inches)

Round 2:
Partner A: plankhold on top of railing
Partner B:bear crawl length of basketball court and runs around track

Mosey down the hill to for Fence Merkins
Fence merkins at the bottom of hill and same number of burpees at top
3 rounds
Balls to wall or peoples chair while Pax finishes.

Mosey through playground back to Northbrook, spot at intersection of Yadkin for Monkey Humpers waiting for 6th to arrive. (lots of rubber necking for cars driving by)

Stop at each intersection on way back for:
Slow Flutters x30
LBC x 30
Some for of Mary

Run back to shovel flag for:

American Hammer x 40 and

Squat hold burpee pyramid to 6 and back.

Smoked, Done


“Having faith does not mean having no difficulties, but having the strength to face them, knowing we are not alone.” Pope Francis

-YHC took this quote to heart as he helped is 8 year old 2.0 prepare for his first Confession later that day.

Numerous Prayer request were lifted up for F3 brothers, friends and family.

New Mexico took us out.

Naked Moleskin

-Who spilled the Merlot?

-Ready for the mud-run now? Sign up here:

-Welcome FNG Michael Gruman, Yippie Kai Yay, tclaps to Tony Robbins for the correct spelling.

-Good to see Papercut back for his 2nd Catalyst after posting as an FNG last week.

-High Life likes to run, particularity out in front of the PAX.

-Good to have Package from F3 Columbia join us.

What a great way to start a Saturday, thanks men.