Reposting as a backblast b/c apparently you can’t bump a pre-blast.

The 11th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge will be held Saturday, February 14, 2015 at 8:30am.  The run, benefitting the NC Children’s Hospital, consists of a 2.5 mile run from NC State’s Belltower to Krispy Kreme where you and/or your team consume 12 doughnuts each (or if you’re Captain Kangaroo, anywhere from 24-30) then run 2.5 miles back to the Belltower.  I’ve trained for years for the doughnut portion of this event, now I just hope I can run another 5 miles this year.

Last year we had 6-7 F3 guys, but we’re hoping for an even bigger F3 contingent that can meet / start the race together and represent the F3 Nation in this fun event.  Pigpen and I are serving as Co-Qs for the event and can provide more details on the event if you have questions as it draws near.  Last year we met at the base of the Belltower, so let’s plan on that being our meeting place around 8:15am.  Keep these things in mind:

-It’s for charity, so why wouldn’t you support kids and come out for fellowship with F3 brothers.  Last year they raised close to $200,000!

-If the charitable components isn’t enough, come out for the various costumes you’ll see among the 7,000 –  8,000 people.  Oh, and you get a shirt and 12 doughnuts!

-They cap the run at around 8,000 (need to look up the exact figure), so sign up soon to avoid being shut out.  Link for more information and registration is:

-Was listed as #1 Thing to do at NC State among the Top 54 Things to Do….google it, link from PY no longer working.  Barely edged out petting a cow or rubbing a professor’s head in the PY….no kidding!  This promises to be way better than those two things.

Check our twitter feeds @94Heel and @73slb for more details.  Thus far we’ve gotten commits from Captain Kangaroo, Gnard Dogg, Epoxy, 007, Dos Equis (if anyone remembers him), Pigpen, and tentatives from Shaggy, Costco, and Villa.  Let me know if I’ve forgotten or need to add you by commenting below.  Site Qs and other pax, please mention during COTs.

Join us!