11 PAX pulled into North Cary Park on a 28 degree February day. On this day several famous people were born….Axel Rose, Bob Marley, Ronnie Reagan, Babe Ruth, Tom Brokaw, Bob Dumas….impressive list and then there was YHC…who was thrilled to begin his birthday with his F3 pals. So instead of Aerosmith or Marley we tuned up some Classic Studio 54 Disco.

No FNGs, No disclaimer.

Warm Up

Jog over to the soccer field.
Circle up.

SSH x 54, plank jacks x 54, sprint to the end of field and back.


Hit the road…

Stop on the way 5 times for:

Burpees OYO 10 x 5 times and a final 4 for 54
decline Merkins 10 x 4 and a final 14 on the guardrail

Run down Weston Oaks to the bottom parking lot for:

Mummy kicks x 54 with a variety of arms…speed bag, punches, arm circles

Circle up:
Jack webb with 10 downs…all 5 counts with 4 up arms counts.
Around the Circle plank hold while each PAX does 5 Merkins
Around the Circle all do SSH or some other exercise while each pax does one Burbee and run around circle

Head to the curb for some quick feet x 54

Jog to bottoms of street for a set of 11s. Plank Jacks at top starting with 10 and jump lunges starting with 1 at the bottom.

Jog back to the lot with a set of guardrail declines x 15 on the way.


Running late so it was quick…reminder of the new Tuesday location in Cary at Thomas Brooks Park…Field of Dreams. 5:45. Check Twitter and web page for all of the other stuff going on.

YHC took us out.

Pleasure to lead you great men.