Triangle GoRuck 2017 PreBlast is here!  This is a custom GoRuck challenge hosted by F3 Raleigh.  The event will start on the evening of Friday, April 21st, 2017.  The start point will be somewhere in Raleigh, determined by the Cadre and announced 24 hours before the event.  This will be an F3 Custom event filled exclusively with your F3 brothers. Every one of you can do this thing! I have zero doubt. GoRuck isn’t about winning, it isn’t about the fastest or the strongest. It is about endurance and teamwork, with everything in between. This is something you will not want to miss. You will push yourself and better yourself, guaranteed.
What is a GoRuck Challenge?

The GoRuck Challenge or GoRuck Tough is a team event.  Its 10-12 hours and 15-20 miles with a 30lb ruck on your back.  Team building is lead by a Cadre.  Leadership is taught and teamwork is demanded. That’s technically what it is, but its a chance to get in the trenches with your brothers and learn what you are made of while building a lifetime bond with your F3 brothers. The GoRuck is what #CSAUP is all about.  Lets do something stupid and utterly pointless to sharpen ourselves and our brothers. More info about the challenge can be found on the GoRuck site here:

: Pricing will be $50 initial and $50ish later.  Initial payment due by Feb 10. This will be paid to my PayPal or by check/cash. The second payment will be due closer to the event.

There are only a few things required as gear for this event.
– Ruck – pretty obvious but this is maybe the hardest piece of gear. A ruck is essentially anything that can withstand holding 30 lbs over the night. This could mean everything from your old Jansport (it has been done) to an intense backpacking pack (also been done). It really is all about comfort/durability here and while nothing is going to make this thing a breeze, there are definitely options that make it a bit better. I highly recommend GoRuck packs, as they are made for it. GoRuck has a lot of options and price points. They also do a good job of explaining differences. If you want to look at other options 511 makes a great ruck for much cheaper. Some love these bags and some hate them. Some have even broken three before buying a GoRuck bag (looking at you Azul). You make the call.
– 30 lbs of Weight – the standard is bricks. Six bricks wrapped in a roll of duck tape come out to about 30 lbs. If you want to get fancy and buy a steel plate or have someone make one, great, but not necessary. You can do anything you like to make your bricks comfortable. People have used bubble wrap, towels, pool noodles, yoga blocks, sleeping bags, etc. to make their bricks that much better.
– Water Bladder – The cadre make sure you have water. This is a must for them. It is on you to have a water bladder. I highly highly highly recommend 2L Source bladders. They are made for this stuff by the army. Don’t waste your time with a camel back….it will break.
– Headlamp and extra batteries- a must and I recommend one with a red light feature on it. Those things can get bright.
– Reflector bands or reflective PT belt – sold on amazon and on the GoRuck site. Just for safety
– Quitters cash and id. You must have 20 bucks and your ID in case something happens and you have to quit or take a cab. Wont be necessary for any of you but required.
– Everything Else – These things are optional. Everyone has their opinion and is entitled to it. Definitely bring some food (granola bars, etc.) and extra socks. You may want to bring an extra shirt and a jacket if it is colder. Your call and it all depends on what the space and weight are worth to you.
Training Opportunities: 
We will have one extended ruck in March. Think of it as a mini goRuck. No cadre but people with experience will be leading you through a simulation of the real event. It will be roughly 4 hours with beers to follow. Also we now have Ruck focused workouts. Gideon meets on Mondays at 5:30 at Shelley Lake. The Blitz and Fight Club are also great workouts using kettle bells. Blitz is at Carroll Middle School, Wednesday at 5:30am. Fight Club is at Fletcher Park at 5:15a on Fridays.
Pax will be getting together throughout the next few months to get some time under the ruck so look out on the @F3TriangleGRC handle, as well as, my handle @F3PepeLePugh
Raleigh Training Q – Les Nessman and White Shoe
Extended Ruck Sessions
March 31st – Pullen Park at 9 pm

What Now?
Time to sign up. See the doc below for sign ups. Feel free to email me with any questions at–Jlno7aRzkneLlkuzVnlSCJ2mo2T7DMvmvPEp0/edit#gid=0