13 Pax attended and all of the below was completed by all Pax. Excellent work!

Partner style (denoted in 1,2.)

1,2: From start down to the building below the N parking lots. Switch off Partner carries up the hill to the bottom lot (just past the speed bump)  Merkins at the bottom 20, 18, 16, 14, 12,10. Then Jog to the are between the new museum and the old.

By the statue:

1: 100x Hammers, 100x Flutter Kicks, 50x wide grip merkins, 100x Reverse LBCs

2: Run up the starting lot down the reedy creek trail around the dojo & lake and back partner 1. Switch roles. Then Partner squats 100x, Diamond Merkins 50x (total for the group, divide however you choose) Then  1,2 jog to Starting lot.

1. 6″ leg hold

2. Paint the lines from one planter to another. Switch. Rinse repeat until End.

COT: Prayers for Hushpuppy’s family.

2Tim 3:16-7.

Bible study at Caribou afterwards-