The Fetzer workout has consistently grown in size since its inception in early 2014, the average Pax count around two dozen. Given the difficulty of managing a large group over a concise and fast-moving workout and YHC’s desire to nurse a nagging Achilles tendon injury with limited or no pounding from running, we split into two groups today, with Subprime leading a running-oriented workout and YHC directing a heavy-metal circuit.

We convened for a common warm-up: 15 SSH, 10 IW, 10 Prisoner Squats, 10 Arm Circles front and back, 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 10 Merkins, 10 Mountains Climbers.

Subprime and the running group embarked on an exhausting half hour that commenced with an 800 meter warm-up around the Fetzer track.

Then the group did five x 400 meters with 200 meter recovery in between.

And then 15 Merkins followed by a 400 meter lap, repeating four times for 60 Merkins and one mile total running.

Meanwhile, Shooter’s group moved to the Hooker IM fields and circled up.

The “bell cow” Pax did a 40 yard bear-crawl and sprint return, during which time each Pax did one exercise, either body weight or with a coupon. We moved in counter-clockwise fashion, two full circuits. Among the stations for the Heavy Metal: Burpees, LBCs and Merkins; one-armed rows left and right w/25 pound DB; kettlebell swings, one station w/25 pound bell, second with 35 pound; goblet squat w/25 pound kettlebell; curls with lead-filled pipe; overhead tricep press w/35 pound kettlebell; bicep curls with 25 pound dumb bell; shoulder presses w/25 pound dumb bells; lateral raises w/15 pound dumb bells.

Both groups reconvened for Mary: 15 x LBC; two sets of 30 second low-plank hold; 10 x plank jacks, 15 x Parker Peters, 15 x ski abs.

The format worked well and we’ll continue to tweak it and give the PAX options for the highly popular Monday AM Fetzer beatdown.