Today we celebrated the efforts of all of us preparing for races this weekend.  Many, many miles, and hopefully some great memories, have been made.  That said, we still need to always put in the work to keep getting stronger.  This was a run-centric workout that allowed for variable pace based on how much each of us wanted to put on our legs.  Given we had a grand total of…3, we pretty much stuck together and appreciated some mumble chatter.

Started with w/u on the jog around the fields and circled up in starting lot for SSH ICx20, Fazio Arms front/back ICx10, legs l over r 10 count and r over l 10 count x2, windmills ICx10, quad pull each leg 10 count x2, curb achilles stretch each side 10 count x2.

On the jog around starting lot we headed down to the main road and took a left.  Staying on main road on the jog, OYO pace to Middle Creek Park Ave for plank hold/SSH  – 3 sets

Back on the jog to next corner at West Lake Rd for chill cut plank/SSH – 3 sets

Again on the jog to Optimist Farm Road for shoulder taps/LBC  – 3 sets

A right turn down Optimist Farm to Middle Creek entrance and the mulch for merkins/mtn climbers – 3 sets

Jog up the main road with a stop at the post and chains for derkins/nipplers – 2 sets

Final jog to the starting lot

Circled up for MARY and did 2x times around plank-o-rama

Countoff was 3 #HIM


Announcements – Races this weekend, hitting the $6k mark for ALS funds

Prayer Requests – Lab Rat has several family members dealing with illness, prayers for a healthy weekend for all participating in races and praise for all who have supported us in training

YHC took us out in prayer

EC was YHC

Good luck to all the runners this weekend.  Remember even when the race feels at it’s toughest, when you are being challenged in many ways, even if you are pacing out there by yourself pushing for a time or just pushing for the payoff at the finish, you are never running alone.

And way to go with the support for ALS!