Man F3 Raleigh is getting slack on the backblasts. 4 years ago, there was a backblast for nearly every workout. Now we’re seeing maybe one a week for all of Raleigh. Yes writing a backblast is a pain in the ass. Yes many are boring. Like mine. However, they can have tremendous value giving PAX ideas when leading a site. This is probably the primary reason for publishing them. I always liked reading who showed up at a workout, what the group did and where they went. We learn about serious issues our PAX are dealing with so we can pray for them. The power of prayer is incredible. Once in a while there is an awesome story that simply deserves to be told and retold. I miss the backblasts. Step up. Lead. And later in the day, write a damn backblast! We’ll all be better for it.

9 PAX showed up this morning ready for work. After two previous leads without any toys, I decided to bring back the trailer full of tires and a trunk full of sledgehammers. Here’s what went down.

Jog around block

Pass Out Hammers and Tires

Warm Up
SSH x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Windmills x 20
Swiss Merkins x 16

The Thang

Grab both coupons

Go to Edenton Salisbury corner

Edenton Salisbury Set
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Right x 20
Joust Right x 20
Tire Curl x 20
Tire Squat Press x 20

Go to Salisbury Morgan corner

Salisbury Morgan Set
Tire Slams x 20
360s x 20 right
Tire Plank Roll x 20
Tire Slams x 20
360s x 20 left

Partner 1 – hammer flies, presses, and curls
Partner 2 – run around block

Go to Morgan Wilmington corner

Morgan Wilmington Set
Derkins off tire x 20
Dips off tire x 20
Grave diggers Left x 20
Joust Left x 20
Tire Burpee Press x 10 OYO

Go to Wilmington Edenton corner

Wilmington Edenton Set

Tire Slam Ladder
2 Slams Right
2 Thrusters
4 Slams Right
4 Thrusters
6 Slams Right
6 Thrusters
8 Slams Right
8 Thrusters
5 Slams Right 5 Slams Left
10 Thrusters
Brought it back down

Mosey back to base

American Hammers (with hammer) x 20
Have a Nice Day


Strava Link – Where We Went

3rd F Dinner April 10th 4:30-7pm at Healing Transitions. Dinner, tour of the Healing Transitions facility, and a talk by Pastor Carlos Rodriguez.

F3 Dinner April 10 – Details

Prayer Requests
Pork Chop Sandwich’s wife’s mother not doing well. My Pleasure’s aunt had a stroke recently. Dead Sea has a job opportunity. Pray for healing and doors being opened.

Great prayer by My Pleasure.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!