Today was my first day leading at Flood Zone. With the pending storm and the unknown quantity of rain to be expected I decided to stay close to home today. Amazingly I slept well (with the reassurance of having two alarms set) and was ready for my turn to lead. Thank you to Pre-Nup and Western Stranger (notably absent) for allowing me to lead.

Extra Credit — A quick warm-up of 15 Good mornings and Imperial Walkers. Run toward Belk for a quick trip around a parking lot. At the end of each row we did 10 merkins, 10 WWIIs, and 10 Plank Jacks. I think we made it through five circuits before running back to the AO. Pergo, Vector Victor, Prenup, Weezy, Apu, and I did EC.

When we arrived (a little early I must confess so my apology to those seeking a ton of EC) a good crowd was gathering. Ultimately 27 brave souls showed up with Countrywide only a LITTLE late.

Quick run down the parking lot to the open air. SSH x 19 (yes, yes, yes…I still get off on my cadence sometimes), GM x 15, IW x 15, and Mountain Climbers x 15.

Run up the parking lot to the top level running backwards up the incline and sideways during the straight aways.

The Thang:
We counted off to groups of four (done swiftly and surprisingly without error given the way this simple item is often botched) for a little dose of four corners.

1 — 10 burpees
2 — 20 merkins
3 — 30 squats
4 — 40 LBCs

The PAX were charged with staying in their groups to pull the six along and doing exercise in cadence. After station four run down the steps and back up the other side. Repeat 3 times.

Brief planking exercises while the last group finished.

Quick run to the other end of parking lot. Evens and odds split up — one running down the top ramp while the other group did some combination of Homer to Marge, 6″ leg hold, LBCs, etc.

Run down the steps and back into your lines. Short Indian run to the end of the parking lot and back (given the other exercises didn’t take quite as long as YHC expected).

Dolly x 20
Two other exercises that escape me probably due to oxygen deprivation
Burpees x 10 OYO
Have a nice day

Prayers for our soldiers. The soldier who will be leading COT after the 9/11 stair climb recently had a soldier commit suicide. Reach out to someone who might be struggling and thank them.

Orwell recently lost a friend who was murdered in a random act of violence leaving behind multiple children.

9/11 stair climb — plenty of details out there
Convergence Labor Day at Pullen at 7:00. Maize, Howard, and Pepe are leading the charge.

Bullhorn took us out with an exceptionally strong prayer this morning.