Cletus was lacking the passion it typically brings on a Friday morning. School is back in, football season kicked off, labor day weekend started and somebody named Hermine was coming all the way up from Florida to see us. We had a PAX of 7 take off in the muggy gloom and a straggler join us a couple minutes late giving us a 8 pack. Here is the damage that was caused.

Jog up to rock parking lot.
SSH x25
Slow good mornings x10
Plank Jax x25
Squat jumps x25

2 small rocks – Sun Gods; forward x10, backward x10, overhead x10, out front x10
Grab a somewhat challenging rock – rocks overhead jog down to track near playgroud
Lung walks with rock overhead x10 each leg
Rocks overhead jog down to amphitheater, partner up
Partner A does box jumps with rock x20 and B does preachers chair with military presses of the rock x20, switch
Partner A does dips with rock in lap x20 and B does preachers chair with rock lifts out front to chest level x20, switch
Partner A does curls with rock x20 and B does Triceps x20, switch, rinse and repeat
Balls to the wall 20 count
Slow jog back to rock pile with rocks overheads when called.

Parking lot
Bearpees – 1:4 ratio; 1 burpee then 4 bear crawls, 2 burpees then 8 bear crawls, etc. all the way to the end of the lot. Quick breather, turn around back down for a repeat.

Mary at tennis courts
Circle up with heads inner circle legs out (Guantanamo style). PAX lifts legs to 60 degrees while one man runs around circle pushing legs down to ground. 2 rounds in total
Boat Canoes x15
Side raises x15, switch
Boxcutters x15
Windshield Wipers x15

Great work as always men! Quick COT, few announcements, prayers for safety during the storm. BS gave God the praise and we were done.