The BRR is 8 weeks away, now is the time to start taking your training to the next level.  Back in May we did the first hill training.  Last week we outlined a series of challenges to push yourself and train for the BRR.  Driving to the real hills of the course is possible, but why not save some time and find something closer.  This is the last planned out of town trip.

This coming Saturday (yes short notice), we will be meeting at the base of Hanging Rock state park and running up to the top.  This is roughly a 6.5 mile (out and back) with >1000 ft of elevation gain:

Take a moment to reread.  If you are fast enough go for a second lap (even a partial one).

* 05:40 – meet at parking lot off I-40: (raleigh specific)
* 05:50 – depart on time and drive towards hanging rock (raleigh specific)
* 07:40 – arrive at YMCA in Danbury (1070 Hospice Dr, Danbury, NC 27016)
* 07:45 – start running
* 09:05 – stop running
* 09:15 – depart
* sometime – stop for gas/bathroom/food for 10 minutes
* 11:30 – arrive back at parking lot
* home by noon!

Bring some clothes to change into, towels, water, and a snack.  Also some spare change for gas money if you are carpooling!

We would love to see some non Raleigh/Durham runners there as well.  I know many folks will be running the BRR- this should kick off your training.