If you have been to North Hills, Hi Fidelity, Endorphin or any workout involving Denali recently, you may have noticed that workouts are basically running hills endlessly to train for the Blue Ridge. That’s great if you are running the Blue Ridge, but not so great if you aren’t running the Blue Ridge.  That said, and just to mix things up, we spent a lot of time today on our own special hill at Ball Bearings, Hamburger Hill.  After a quick disclaimer, 16 PAX headed out for a short jog to the lower lacrosse/soccer/softball field.

WARM UP:  SSH x 25, Good Mornings x 20, Imperial Walker x 20, Mtn Climbers x 20


Start at base of Hamburger Hill.  Backwards run to top, 10 burpees.  Bear crawl down, 9 burpees. Continue for 8…….1.  When finished, find the PAX at the back of the group and finish together.

To Money Hose’s House o Cats:  Line up for Balls to the Wall.  2 PAX sprint down Hamburger Hill, across field to fence, and back to House o Cats.  8 rotations so that each PAX gets to run sprint, with other PAX alternating between Balls to the Wall and People’s Chair.

Back to the base of Hamburger Hill.  Crab walk to the top.  20 merkins.  Jog down, 18 merkins. Continue for 16……2.  Circle back to last PAX so that all finish together.

Recovery jog across the field.  Line up for some Darby Squats.  8 squats, then 100 yard run down/back.  6 squats, run again.  4 squats, run again.

MARY:  LBC, Heels to Heaven, Freddie, 6 inch around the circle (8 count per PAX).  Finish with one minute of hop/sprawl courtesy of Money Hose.

Geddy takes us out in style.  Prayers for patience and perseverance.

-running backwards up Hamburger Hill is hard.  To the untrained eye, it almost looks like walking, especially the 4th or 5th time thru.

-YHC underestimated the time it would take to sprint from House of Cats to fence and back.  Made for some LONG Balls to the Wall sessions.

-I’m beat, hope everyone else is as well.