BO:Thursday, September 25, 2014

#PrayForLauraYost Dedication

YHC planted the shovel flag and dedicated the BO to Laura Yost and family. We suffered in her memory

The Pax: Riptide, Sputnik, Wonk, MaBell, Goose, Nabisco, Banjo, and High School FNG Nifong. Lots of mumble chatter directed towards missing Surcharge who injured his big toe watching the UNC/ECU game

The Gloom in the Rain:

Run to Cary Arts Center for a little warmup

Imperial Walkers 20 ct

Good Morning 20 ct

Side Straddle Hops 20 ct


Hand rail spider man’s left to right, right to left: repeat, and repeat to burn the arms.

Jog to hill for some 525’s: Five sets of two hill runs with 5 squats after last pax returns. Teamwork.

Head to Church for some plank-o-rama; 5 counts from the Pax: Regular, Chilcut, Supermans, Regular, Right, Left, Chilcut, Supermans

Recovery run to the Chatham Stairs for some right then left hop ups x 3.

Head to rock pile for some dealers choice rock work while single pax circles the lot X 8

Jog to Fidelity for some Mary: LBCs x 30, Freddy Merc’s x 30, heals to heaven x 30.


Nice to have neighbor and Panther Creek HS FNG Nifong. Good to see Nabisco back second week after DL hiatus. We were closed out in prayer by MaBell. Prayers for Laura Yost and family, Angela Blalock, Ma Bells cousin with cancer, Howard and his trip to Africa, F3 mud run participants

It continues to be an honor to be with such great guys.

Banjo     @plainpocket