5 PAX showed up for a wet run at Endorphin this morning.  Temperature was great, we were just wet a little earlier than usual.  YHC almost didn’t make it thanks to a flat tire, but thanks to what had to be a nascar worthy tire change YHC still managed to roll in at 5:43. The dark, the rain, and even YHC’s flat couldn’t keep the men of Endorphin from heading out into the misty gloom!  Seriously, you could only see 5 feet ahead at some points with the headlamps.  Birkenstock had to bug out a couple minutes early for church, Spurrier and Kanye held up the rear while Ali and Layover ran off into the distance.  Allegedly, Ali got a distance PR today but since he was lone wolfing at that point we’ll have to take his word for it.  Good stuff guys.  Not sure about next week with the mud run coming up 10/4.  Look to twitter @redheadedcuban and @leerags1611 for updates, otherwise plan on running next Thursday!

– Quickhatch Launch (Ruck Specific) this Saturday 9/27 0615-0650 at Brier Creek Community Center @JoelPawlak is the Q.
– FiA Raleigh Brier Creek Launch (Ladies Bootcamp) this Saturday 9/27 0815-0900 at Brier Creek Community Center @FiASweatShop is the Q.