Technically Kickstarter was the post half celebration but who’s keeping track. 8 pax answered YHC’s call to get back on the wagon this morning. 5 pax doubled down for EC and earned their warmup burpee pass.

The Thang

ECers: Stretch Non-ECers: 10 Burpees OYO
SSH x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Good Mornings x10
Fazios x10
Good Mornings x5
Reverse Fazios x10
One really high vertical jump!
Windmills x10
Set 1
Jog over to the long hill by the entrance for some donkey kick builders. Same concept as burpee builders. Start with one donkey kick at the first light pole and double the count for every lightpole. So Donkey Kicks x1, x2, x4, x8, x16, x32. Plank at the top, couple 10 counts to catch our breath and head to the planters.

Set 2
Pick a spot on the planter
Irkens x10
Dips x10
Derkins x10
Squats x10
Irkens x12
Dips x12
Derkins x10
Squats x12
Irkens x10
Dips x10
Derkins x10 (single count.. make them beautiful)
Squats x10
Set 3
Jog over to the service court parking lot for some tic tac toe. The rules.. two four-man teams. Each team has 3 cornhole bags. One runner at a time from each team sprints to the tic tac toe board that YHC drew on the pavement with an entire stick of sidewalk chalk and drop their bag. Sprint back and tag runner number 2, repeato for runner 3. once you run out of bags your runners can move one of your team’s bags on each sprint until one of the teams has three in a row. Looked good on facebook.. not so much in practice. It was fun but we need to work on our tic tac toe strategy. Homework assignment: go play tic tac toe with your kids until you have mastered the game and we’ll revisit in the future. haha

Set 4
Jog back to the top of the hill where we finished out donkey kicks. This round will be merkin destructors.. Run down the hill stopping at each light pole. Merkins x32, x16, x8, x4, x2, x1. Plank until everyone finishes.

Mary on the run
To keep with our moving theme of the day we’ll jog back up the hill and retrieve yhc’s cornhole bags, stopping along the way for mary installments.
Flutter Kicks
Homer to marge
Freddy Mercuries
Mountain Climbers
Poke the hole
Knee tucks
Burpees x10 oyo.

Epic Quickhatch this Satuday.. special 0600 start time.
April 28th Trali Happy Hour
Memorial Day GoRuck in DC, see Singlewide for details
Prayers for Spurrier’s folks
Prayers for Vanderbeek’s sister
Watson took us out