8 patriotic pax, secure in their American identity, determined it would not be un-American to post at LOD.  The rain only heightened their collective resolve.  Or at least that’s the story we’re going with.  Here’s what we did.

Jog around Lourdes from Oxford to Anderson to Overbrook to covered parking lot for warmup: SSH x 15, GM x 10, diamond merkin x 10, mt. climbers x 10, wide-grip merkins x 10, plankjacks x 10.

The thang, – gassers down Kittrell with intervening exercises as follows:

  1. Run from covered parking lot down Kittrell to Hazelwood, 10 starjumps, run back to covered parking lot: burpees x 10, reverse LBCs x 15, standard merkin x 15;
  2. Run down Kittrell to Cooleemee, 15 monkey humpers, run back to parking covered parking lot: burpees x 15, WWII x 20, wide-grip merkins x 20;
  3. Run down Kittrell to Royster, 10 knee jumps, 10 prisoner squats, run back to parking lot: burpees x 10, freddie mercury x 25, Carolina dry docks x 30.

Finishing this leg faster than anticipated, the pax reaped a reward of sprints and more exercises: starting at bottom of hill where Overbrook meets Oxford, sprint up Overbrook to covered parking lot, 15 hand release merkins, then jog back down to Oxford; sprint up Overbrook to parking lot, alternating jump lunges 10 per leg, jog back down; sprint up Overbrook to benches, 20 dips, then to parking lot for Mary – LSF x 20, box cutters x 15, LBC’s x 35.

Pax relatively quiet during announcements and prayer requests, perhaps fatigued, most likely ready to be done and well earned.  Plebe took us out in an articulate, thoughtful word of prayer.

Strong work by all today.  Honored to lead this group.