The morning began with YHC and Kanye Rucking the site for a little early morning recon and extra credit.  Neither of us were sure what the exact temperature was, but we know that it was one of the coldest morning of the year.  By 5:45 AM 8 other PAX arrived bundled up and ready to go. When the spring springs, I won’t recognize these guys with just t-shirts and shorts as today they are bundled in polar bear suits.  The first fumble of my first Q at the Judge, I mean the Jug, we were off…

The Thang:

Run to street and back to street light


Good Morningsx20


Sir Fazio Arm Cirlcesx10, Joke, Reverso

Imperial Walkersx20

Carolina Drydocksx15

Slow Windmillsx10

Half Windmillsx15

Traveling burpees to first tree

Polar bear crawl to second tree

Traveling burpee to third tree

Polar bear crawl to fourth tree

Sprint to parking lot

Line up for Polar bear crawl indian run around the loop

Mid moring Mary

LBC x 20

Mosey to playgournd

Cindy – 5 pull-up, 10 swing dericans, 15 air squats – x 3

Mosey to Parking lot

Merican tag around the loop – One partner runs other must tag – tagged partner does 5 mericans – x 5 laps

Mosey to Trail.

The Crick – Partner carry up the trail – Burpees x 10 – Partner carry back – Burpees x 10

Mosey to the parking lot

Partner progressive count to 100 Merican switch with one running one lap

To parking spaces – Marathon Suicide on spaces


LBC’s x 10

Low slow flutter x 20

Run’s stretch x 10 reverso

Double Time Merican Hammers x 40


Honor to lead these men. Superstar is a burner and can like do anything he wants at home, because he can out run his dad.  Another man earned the “I carried Kanye” patch today.  Sort of a badge of honor in North Raleigh.  Although YHC has Q’ed many time before, this is the first time YHC Q’ed a workout he didn’t help start.  Thanks for the chance Nessmen!


– Krispy Kreme Challenge Next week.

– March 7 Converge at Pullen

– GoRuck Custom interest form circulating

– Kickstarter Official Launch 2/16 at 6:00 AM Leesville Community Park

– The Forum – Mondays at noon at Panera -Which one? The by Whole Foods in Raleigh, you know where. Check with Grady or for details.

Prayers for Kanye’s uncle.

YHC took us out.