YHC wanted to try to save the legs for a distance run this weekend so the objective was to get a good workout in without covering a lot of distance.  The result was a half mile consisting of various animal walks for one partner while the other partner did various rock lifts.

Warmup: Jog up to rock pile.  20 side straddle hops, 20 imperial walkers, 20 mountain climbers, 15 good mornings

Long Half Mile – Several cycles of bear crawls, gorilla walks, crab walks, and wheel barrows while the partner did several cycles of rocks overhead extensions, triceps, curls, flat presses, russian hammers with rock, etc.  One partner would do designated animal walk around the track while partner did the rock work.  Upon reaching a 20 count with the rock exercise the rock partner calls halt and then jogs with rock to where the partner animal crawled.  Switch roles and continue on until we made it around a lap and back up to the rock pile.

Mary: 30 russian hammers, 20 LBC, 15 count around the circle chill cut plank hold

Prayers for Toothfairy’s cousin who was a victim of a random shooting a little over a year ago and is still recovering, for my wife’s uncle who is in the final stage of cancer, and for Howard and M Howard’s upcoming mission trip to Africa.

Announcements – March 7th convergence to celebrate the 3 yr anniversary of F3 in the Raleigh area.  Howard will be leading the early workout.  Double down