3 Pax met in the gloom for the Playlist of Pain! Part Deux (with more Miley)

The Warmup: Jog around the field, SSH, IW, Good Mornings, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

The Thang:

Workout to music. Songs play for 30 seconds during which time the pax engage in a specified exercise. After 30 seconds the buzzer rings and the pax move onto the next exercise during the next song. 3 minutes of continuous exercises followed by a 30 second rest. The exercises:

1. High Knees, Butt Kickers, Cherry Piuckers, Ski Jumps, Burpees, Parker Peters, Repeato

2. Bear Crawls, Squats, Walking Lunges, Merkins, Suicides, Crab Walk, Repeato

3. SSH, Wide Gip Merkins, Log Jumps, Football Stance w/ quick feet and merkins on “down” call, Basketball Shots, Mountain Climbers, Repeato

4. Carolina Dry Docks, Sprint in Place, 4 SSH/ 4 Merkins, Apollo Ohno, Moving Merkins, 4 Squats/ 8 Mountain Climbers

5. Line Hops (Front/Back, Side to Side, Straddle and Switch Feet), Jabs, Jump Lunge, Double Merkin Burpees, Repeato

Mary (To Music)- LBC, Freddie Mercury, Russian Hammer, WWII, Long Slow Flutter, Plankorama (Regular, Plank Down, Bows and Toes, Left Arm High, Right Arm High, Plank Up, Calf Stratch, Regular



Good having 4 out at the The Vortex. Look forward to continued growth on Tuesdays!