YHC tweeted the night before that today’s workout would be difficult…as it should be.  This is True Grit…A Man’s workout.


9 PAX spat in the face of 80% humidity and didn’t care that it spat back.  Today was a steamer.  Lots of movement.  Lots of panting and sweat. Let’s get to it.

THE THANG: After a brief gathering around the shovel flag, “8” PAX took off across the parking lot and up to the top of Dam Hill.  We turned and planked waiting for # 9 who pulled in right as we were heading out.  After a brief stop, we kept running across the top of the hill, turning right at the fork and then left to circle up in the field for a warm-up.  Circle Up.

  • SSH x 20
  • Fazio Arm Circles (Forward x 19 + Backward x21) – YHC lost his count so I made it up on the reverse.
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Sprint down the trail, sharp left to the top and back down the other side, turn left and return to our warm up spot.

YHC then instructed the PAX that the loop we just ran was the front end of the Burpee Buster we would all now partake in.  YHC set his timer for 6 minutes and gave a brief overview of the next exercise.  Two rounds of the Burpee Buster in 6 minutes.  Sprint the loop when all are finished.

  1. Standard Burpees x 6
  2. Ski Ab Burpees x 6
  3. Jump Knee Tuck Burpees x 6
  4. Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x 6
  5. Burpee Lunges x 6

REPEATO – try to finish that twice in 6 minutes.  I believe most of the PAX were able to.  No mumblechatter recorded here…because

those-burpees-were-fun   Yes, it got the heart rate going.  Warm up complete. Regroup and recover on the run down to the pull up station.  YHC pulled the group off the trail and circled up.  Next exercise was as follows: 2 PAX would complete 5 pullups while the rest of the PAX performed Level 1 drills. Keep rotating PAX through the pullup pain station until all had completed their 5.  The Level 1 drill I took from Insanity and it’s pretty simple.

  • Drop to Plank
  • 4 single count Merkins
  • 8 Mountain Climbers (4 each leg)
  • Jump back up like a burpee and keep repeating

Indian Run to the far end of Shelley Lake and a brief stop for some Rock Work

  • Curls x 12
  • Tricep Extensions x 12
  • Bent Rows x 12

Drop rocks and form line for another Indian Run.  We have 15 minutes to get back for Mary.  I encouraged the PAX to pick up the pace on the loop back to the shovel flag.  The PAX obliged and but we did have to stop and plank for a quick catchup.  YHC threw in some Sarkozy, Putin and Low Plank Hold.  Regroup and run again.  We stopped briefly at the retaining wall just before the long wooden bridge.  Peoples Chair for about 45 seconds and then continue the Indian Run over the bridge, past the boat house and then stopped at the bottom of the steep hill. Bear Crawl up the hill and sprint down the hill to the parking lot for Mary.

  • Crunchy Frog x 20
  • Merican Hammer x 10


  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements

F3 Mud Run and 9/11 Stair Climb

Two events on the horizon, both of which are ideal for any member of the F3 Raleigh PAX.  Spaces are still available for the F3 Mud Run, scheduled for October 4 in Columbia, SC.  It’s a team event and known as the Super Bowl of F3.  A superb opportunity for the second F.  Full details via the link below.  Gnard Dogg is your Q for this event.  F3 Mud Run Sign Up and Info

On September 11, we will assemble at Crabtree Valley Mall for the third annual F3 Raleigh 9/11 Stair Climb.  This event was established to honor the first responders who perished on September 11, 2001 by ascending 110 flights of stairs.  We will have several teams and use multiple stairwells.  This workout has a 5:30 am start so arrive early to enjoy some second F and instructions.  No invitations to local media please.  Costco and Gnobby are your site Q for this event.  

  • Yes you just read about this.  Now sign up.  F3 Fall Mud Run – Takes place on Saturday, October 4 – This is the ‘Super Bowl of F3’ – expecting 750 Pax from across the F3 Nation this time around – sign up here  – Just sign up – #nimblepanda
  • Wolf Run start time is now 5:45 am on Fridays.  Lamp and Munson are your site Qs.  Sign up to Q if you’ve not done so in a while.
  • The Blitz (kettle ball workout) is moving to Carroll Middle School in September.  Same 5:30 start time on Wednesday mornings.  Stay tuned for the official start date at the new location.
  • September 13 – New Saturday Workout Launch.  Whiplash will kick off from the North Carolina Museum of Art with a 6:30 am start time.  Maize and Johnny Utah are your site Qs.  High Tempo Boot Camp is your format.
  • 10/25 – The MULE (an F3 Raleigh Original) Click on the link above to sign up for this event.  If you don’t plan to attend the event, we have a need for to 10 people to support The Mule (e.g. Support vehicles, photographers, etc.) We also need five large coolers.)
  • 2nd F – Social
    • Coffeeteria – Saturdays – Cup A Joe (Mission Valley) – Immediately Following Pullen
    • Coffeeteria – Saturdays – Mad Hatter (Durham) – Immediately following The Inferno
    • Coffeeteria – Saturdays – Panera (N. Hills) – Immediately Following Catalyst
    • Standing Happy Hour every Friday at Ridgewood Wine and Beer from 5:00 pm on.  RWB is located at 1214 Ridge Road, Raleigh in the Ridgewood Shopping Center.  Stay tuned to @F3Raleigh on Twitter to find out about additional outings.
    • September 19 – Second F at the Boylan Bridge Brew Pub beginning at 5:30 pm.  Free appetizers!
    3rd F
    • Thirsty Soul Thursday – 2nd and 4th Thursdays – Bible Based Discussion Group – noon to 1pm – 4600 Marriott Drive, Ste. 150 – Bring your lunch – Site Qs are Orwell, Larry David and Caddie.
F3 Foundation
The F3 Foundation is doing some amazing things throughout F3 Nation.  The seeds have been planted here in Raleigh by guys like Duff, Countrywide, Cinderella and Orwell…and the PAX that have supported The Arena and Metamorphosis.  There is and will be more to do there, so please get involved if you are moved to do so.  It’s a great experience.

We have the talent and wherewithal to do more to exhibit and promote male leadership in our community.  Please take a few minutes to think about places, groups or situations into which we could provide service, funding or both.  We have funds to use for mission based activities, and we have many men that have shown a willingness to serve.  Our potential is truly limitless, and over the coming months you will see more and more requests for leaders in this area.  If you have an idea, want to learn more, or just want to get involved in some way, please call or e-mail Steroid at 919-601-6710 or markemahoney@yahoo.com

There is also a wealth of information in the Foundation section of the F3 Nation website, easily located in the drop down navigation menu.  There you will find background, ideas from current projects in flight, and backblasts from Foundation efforts.  Here is a chance to grow our current efforts in this area and begin to launch into places we never imagined…a natural progression from what we are doing with the first, second and third Fs today.
Prayer Requests
  • Cornholio – both knees are diagnosed with patella tendinitis.  The man is in pain and could use some encouragement.  Call, text, or email him.  Also, offer to help out with an Ethanol Q.  Cherie Berry is the other site Q so reach out to either if you want to Q that site.  Ethanol meets at Williams Park on Wednesdays – 545am.

MOLESKIN YHC shared from his Daily Bread devotion today re: the 1 leper out of 10 that came back to thank Jesus for healing him.  The other 9 were “cleansed” but only this 1 man, a Samaritan, came back to say thank you.  Jesus told him that he was “healed”…and by this, not just physically but spiritually as well.  How often has God answered a prayer and we forget to give him thanks.  Let’s take time to give our Creator the thanks he deserves every day.

Cherie Berry closed out out strong in prayer. Men, it was a pleasure.