YHC’s first visit to Eastbound and Down, and what better way to initiate the experience than to Q. Having checked out the AO the day before, YHC felt fully prepared. But monsoon-like downpours the night before quickly led to a change in plans. No worries, let’s do this.

SSH x 30
Good Morning x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Windmil x 20
Continue to loosen up by running a quick loop past the pond, out to the main street, and back up the entrance hill to the parking lot.

The Thang
Circle up for Planks of Pain. The following exercises called without any intervening recovery.
Plank Jack x 30
Low Plank Hold x 25
Ski Abs x 30
Chilcut Hold x 25
Mountain Climber x 30
Right Arm/Leg High
Left Arm/Leg High
Makhtar N’Diaye x 30

Run over to the benches by the pond. Split into odds and evens.
Evens start running a loop—past the benches to the main street, back toward the park entrance, up the stairs to the path, and back to the benches.
Odds do 15 Irkins, 15 Dips, 10 Derkins and then follow the same running loop.
PAX completed 4 loops of exercises and run.

Mosey on over to the tennis courts and line up on the far end. Two groups with one group performing exercises and the other running suicides as follows: sideline of court 1 and back, sideline of court 2 and back, sideline of court 3 and back. Other group performs exercises against the side fence and then flapjack. Suicide pairs were as follows:
Balls to the Wall / Regular run
People’s Chair / Backward run
Low Plank Hold / Karaoke
Hand Release Merkins / Regular run

LBCs x 50
Hello Dolly x 25
American Hammer x 25
Guantanamo around the circle

F3 Triangle GoRuck Challenge info session at The Players Retreat, April 21 7pm.
F3 Dads at Fletcher Park, April 25 9am. Bring your 2.0’s ages 4 and up.

Prayers for Ed in Chapel Hill who is undergoing bypass surgery.
Didn’t catch the name of who took us out, but it was spot on.
As always, a pleasure to lead this group of men.