A PAX of 15 joined the now-less-than-crowded crowd at N Hills for a quick 45 minute trip around the N Hills region.  We had one FNG, Gunderson (aka Mike Bierman) who earned instant respect (age 50) and one serious Kotter (Garmin) and the remaining PAX were hardened veterans.  Always a fun challenge to balance a workout between the Bob Vila studs of the world and those old farts such as YHC.  We did our best and here’s how it went:

50 single count merkins
Sir Fazio Arm Circles 15 each direction
Good mornings x 15
Mountain Climbers x 25

Indian Run out parking lot, down Currituck, right on Yadkin, pause at next intersection for LBCs x 30; continue run to Crabtree Creek bride

Partner up at bridge for suicide merkin fest
Partner one runs length of bridge and back and then runs to intersection and back while partner two does merkins – keep going until you reach 160 merkins.  Any group that finishes early joins in with group still working.

Go to bridge:
Dips x 20
Incline merkins x 20

Next we tried something new consisting of a partner plank walk the length of the bridge.  This was done by one partner holding the feet of the other partner while the second partner planked walked along the rolled steel railing on the bridge.  Flapjack as necessary.  Well, this turned out to be very hard and generally stupid.  Among other problems, if you were the partner on the rail, you were basically staring down 30 feet into the creek which was a bit uncomfortable.  After a few minutes of this nonsense, we audibled to a wheelbarrow.  Except for Vila and Pepe who somehow managed to do the entire bridge in the plank walk,  Damn strong to say the least since no one else made it halfway.

Run down onto greenway stopping once for long slow flutters x 30. Bear crawl bridge. Stop again for American Hammers x 30.  End up at rocks under the I-440 bridge.  Grab a rock.  Curls x 20; shoulder press x 20; tricep extension x 20.  While hoisting rocks for presses, Nemo was forced out-of-action when he swallowed a bug.  Based on this unique event, I thought of many titles for this workout but settled on Nemo’s quote.  (considered  “A Bug’s Life” meets “Finding Nemo” and Nemo won”).    Moving on to Sisyphus.

Run up Sisyphus stopping six times for Merkins x 20, LBCs x 20, merkins x 20, LBCs x 20, merkins x 20, LBCs x 20.

Gather at top of Sisyphus then run down to parking lot.  Last exercise single count merkins x 40.

Elsinore took us out with style as always.

Great work by all.  Glad to see FNG Mike Bierman in the gloom.