It was a dark and stormy night….as all the classic tales begin. But that dark and stormy gave way to steamy gloom for South Wake at Mutiny. Yosef and Deadbolt were so excited for a workout they showed up half an hour early and started running in circles (extra credit). There has been a strong call to raise the bar across the workouts. This is what we did.


Warm up lap around the soccer field.
Side Straddle Hops x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Good Mornings x 15
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 12 x 12
Mountain Climbers x 25

Stations Part A
Three Stations with a runner sprinting (or some facsimile thereof) to the stop sign and back, as our timer. AMRAP at the stations.
Station 1: Dips
Station 2: Pull Ups
Station 3: Star Jumps
Complete two rotations

Step over to the pavilion.
Peoples Chair x 40
Balls to the Pole x 20

Stations Part B
Station 1: Incline Diamond Merkins x 10
Station 2: Incline Regular Merkins x 10
Station 3: Incline Valley Merkins x 10
Station 4: Incline Wide Grip Merkins x 10
Complete 2 rotations

Saunter to the pavilion by the parking lot for people’s choice Mary
Flappy Bird x 20 by Yosef
Reverse LBCs x 20 by Boots and Pants
Low Slow Flutter x 20 by Deadbolt
LBCs x 20 by YHC


Great work today. The approximate ¼ mile timing run took a bit longer than anticipated which meant some pushing through at the first set of stations. We pressed on with a little mumble-chatter to ease the pain. Saturday’s convergence at Chavis Park was a topic is discussion, as well as White Shoe’s brutal Q. Nothing says, “What’s a warm up?” as when the first exercise called is 20 burpees OYO.
Once again, I count it an privilege to be a part of these men, and an honor to lead them.