YHC assumed that a number of Monday morning regulars would have run in the Tar Heel 10-Miler on Saturday, so instead of a running and cardio-intensive workout, today’s festivities would be built around Heavy Metal. The PAX loaded their vehicle trunks with kettlebells, dumb bells, lead-filled pipes and sand bags and we hauled them to the field hockey turf at Francis Henry Stadium.

After a warm-up (SSH, IW, air squats, CDD, Merkins), we circled up. The “marker” did 10 burpees, and during that time each PAX worked with a “coupon” or a body-weight exercise …. including merkins, CDD, renegade rows, one-armed rows, goblet squats, overhead tricep presses, bicep curls, Romanian deadlifts, overhead press w/sandbag, more burpees and other exercises too numerous to remember.

We did one circuit and then knocked out a second “express” circuit with the marker doing five burpees.

We had seven minutes left for Mary and knocked out LBCs, WWII sit-ups, Parker Peters, Russian hammers, long-slow flutters … and Nelly finished it up with what seemed like a 10-minute low-plank hold. Actually it was just 60 seconds but YHC’s arms, shoulders and core were burning (that’s the point, no?).