32 men showed up for a birthday Q from their favorite guy to throw hate at. Gave the disclaimer to the two FNGs that picked a great first workout and we were off.


Run to back parking lot

Karaoke across a few times

Skip across two times

Backwards run

Circle up

SSH x27 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Merkins x27 IC


The Thang

Jog to entrance to baseball area, partner up

Partner carry to middle

Plank in front of wall for some ascending testicles

Merkin x10 on ground

Walk up wall to 45 degrees

Derkin x10

Walk up wall to Balls to the Walls

Derkin x5

Walk back down and recover

Partner carry back to start

Jog across the street to the soccer field – many pax discovered a nice steep hill with a fence at the top past our normal stair station

Round 1

Partner 1 – sprint to top of hill, 10x derkins, bear crawl down

Partner 2 – sprint across field, 17x LBCs (10+17=27), jog back

Pax switched to the other side (hill/field) once they finished the first one

Round 2 – same on hill side, on field side do 17 merkins instead of LBCs


Jog back to flags/cars, where YHC grabbed a few 45lb pills (bumper plates) from his car for some more fun……

Double line indian run with pills – one lap and over to the rock pile

Pax were instructed to grab a nice big rock – those that did likely regretted it.

Jack Webbs – Merkin/OHP with rock, 1:3 ratio up to 9:27 (we audibled and skipped the 8/24 round to no complaints from the pax)

Jog over to tennis courts

Broken wheel barrel suicides – in broken wheel barrel go half way across the courts, go back, then go all the way across and back. Switch with your partner

Pax did balls to the walls while YHC grabbed another treat from the car – a speaker and phone

Thunderstruck burpees – SSH throughout the song, burpees every time you hear thunder or thunderstruck. That’s 33 burpees.


Plank around the horn – 3 count with Pax calling a variation, and we finished right on time.


CoT and YHC took us out with the following verses:

Ephesians 2:4-5 – But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great love with which he loved us, Even when we were dead in offenses made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved)

As always, thank you all for the privilege of leading and to get to celebrate my birthday with you all – here’s to many more years (and only 3 more years of hate……)