Are you a #SadClown when on vacation at one of the Brunswick Co, NC Beaches?  That includes Sunset Beach, OIB, Holden, Oak Island, Bald Head, Kure Beach, Carolina Beach.

@F3BrunswickDRW is a service to connect the southern-NC-beach-vacationing men of F3 Nation for DRWs to help you avoid #SadClown syndrome.  Here is how it works:

  1. You follow @F3BrunswickDRW
  2. When you are nearing vacation you tweet “hey, @F3BrunswickDRW anyone at OIB (or Sunset or Carolina, etc) anyone want to get together for a workout (or ride or run).  I’ve got the Q”
  3. @F3BrunswickDRW will RT your tweet to the thousands (yes we are thinking big) of Pax like you who have followed @F3BrunswickDRW
  4. You and your newfound friends take it from there to pick an AO, day & time.
  5. You tweet you AO, day & time to @F3BrunswickDRW and we will RT it (again to our thousands of followers)
  6. You tweet your backblast to @F3BrunswickDRW  and we will RT it