EC:  Emeril, Pikachu, 187, Bernie, Ausfart, Orphan, Yellow Card, M4L

Vests: 187, Skidmark

HC Fartsacks:  None

Excuse lexicon addition: N/A

Morning started with 25 PAX circled up and ready for a warm mornings workout.  A stranger walked up towards us and appeared to be interested in what was going on.   Emeril sent our CMO over to greet him and see if he’d like to work out with us.  Appears he did.  So, we took off on a jog for the warm up led by CHiPS and Emeril.   After the warm up Bernie took over Q duties.

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – x25 SSH, x10 Imperial Walkers + x10 Hillbillies, x20 Merkins, x20 Fazio Arm Circles

The Workout

Ramp Work

Split into two groups (opposite ends of the ramp).  21 burpees, run/switch ends, 15 burpees, run/switch ends, 9 burpees, run/switch ends.   Run/switch ends and 10 box jumps/10 LBC’s at the top of ramp, 10 air squats/10 Merkins at bottom of the ramp.   Running up the ramp after air jump/merkins was done backwards.

Regroup and run to parking rails by tennis courts for 30 dips.


x30 4-count low slow flutters

Total running ~2 miles

F3 Dad’s still has openings.
Cinco de CSAUP
Welcome to our walk-on FNG Vlasik –  60 years old and kept up the entire workout.

Passage: John 10:10