The EC:  Bubblewrap led the charge at a 30 second mile pace before the fun and games began, he may have said he was training for the Kentucky Derby or I made that up just now–you decide


The Warm up

Victory Laps around the lot.  1. Mosey.  2. Mosey with a rock & Indian Run.  Rock were dropped at the south end for a future station.

What Detox is complete without an agility ladder and footwork drills?  We did them.


The Thang

PAX picked a station, 2 min on 30 seconds off:

  • TRX Rows/Press
  • Jump Rope
  • Farmer Carry around cones (2x50lb dumbbells)
  • slam ball
  • jump rope
  • Remember the Rocks? PAX picked one at a time and ran it across the lot, ran back and got another one. rinse and repeate
  • Kilo Squat walks (50lb sandbag carry and squat)

After the buzzer PAX sprinted out to get one piece of equipment at a time to collect at the Flag.


Flutter Kicks IC, WWIIs IC, Plank Out 10 count each PAX, Freddy Mercury IC