You may have read the caption and thought “What the hell is that moron talking about”, but bear with me. I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed Saturday morning, for it had been 6 months since my last Q at Catalyst. I pulled into the parking lot at CMS to find Larry David already perched in a spot. I needed to do a little recon work for one of my planned exercises, so I peeled out of the parking lot in the old front wheel drive sleigh. When I returned the PAX were a-waiting, and my start time was fast approaching. Adrenaline rushed, focus set in, and not seeing any FNGs I said “follow me!” I forgot to do the most important thing pre-workout: stretch. That would come back to haunt me, but first…


Brisk run around the school to the parking lot across Rowan, circle up.
Good Morning x 20
Windmill x 20
SSH x 20
Carolina Dry Dock x 20
Mountain Climber x 20

Brisk run through parking lot of First Citizens yurt to ramped parking lot of First Citizens square house of glass. Divide into 2 groups. Group 1 stays at the lower end of the lot performing AMRAP of exercise called by Group 2. Group 2 sprints up to top of parking lot, does 15 merkins or 15 jump squats, sprints back. Flapjack. Did 4 rounds including dying cockroaches, burpees, star jumps, Freddie Mercuries, alternating lunges, LBC, etc.

Brisk run to grass behind First Citizens yurt for Rama-a-Rama:

Regular-5 count around the circle
Nippler-cadence x 25
Chilcutt-5 count around the circle

Lunge jumps x 25
Precision squat x 25
Squat hold-5 count around the circle

Wide Grip merkin x 20
Diamond merkin x 20
Std merkin x 20

Brisk run back to school, only, POP! YHC should’ve known better than to not stretch, get up from a stationary exercise, and take off. The old gastroc popped. Everyone thought it was part of the routine so limping became the new brisk jog. Seriously, the PAX was great. Had to improvise my routine a little bit but most of the running was over. We limped behind the school and divided into our groups again.

Group 1, balls to the wall. Group 2 run down ramp, right leg hop up steps. Flapjack. Repeato, but with left leg hop up steps.

Down the steps for rock work.
Overhead rock squat x 20
Curls x 20
Bent rows x 20
Shoulder press x 20

Repeato with 15 count

Back to the parking lot for Mary-PAX called the exercises and cadence. Gnobby knee ups, reverse LBC, WW2 sit-ups, Russian hammers, flutter.

2nd F at Ridgewood Wine and Beer, 4/10. No food, but there’s a pork chop in every beer so drink your dinner.
3rd F, thirsty soul Thursday at Larry David’s office.
Rain Man closed us out with a fine prayer.


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  • That sounds eerily familiar…My injury was AKA “Tennis Leg” –

    Take 2 weeks off…I have a boot for my left leg if you need it. I wore it for 2.5 days and never again. Bought Calf Suppression Sleeves at Dick’s and have worn them since. I’ve literally seen my calf repair itself over the last few months. After 2 weeks off I braved another post at Urban Jungle and have not looked back, albeit I’m extremely mindful of proper warmup and stretching… In over 2 years of doing P90x and then Insanity, I never injured myself. Proper warmup and stretching are CRUCIAL and will prevent injury…make sure you incorporate it into your Q somehow…praying for your recovery.

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