Good MorningsX20
Imperial WalkersX20

The Thang:
Field and Stream explained the two triangles: 1st Triangle: Bear Crawl to corner, jog to next corner with 20 American Hammers, jog to next corner and complete 20 LBCs, jog to start. 2nd Triangle: Jog to corner and do 20 Burpees, after jogging to the next corner, 20 Knee Checks ensued, the last stretch was jogged and at the corner, we did 20 Merkins.

Field and Stream lead us to a beautiful flight of 3 divisions of stairs. YHC compelled the PAX to do 5 trips up and down the stairs, which means 15 flights of stairs at a brisk pace. This was followed by Plank X160? YHC lead us to a wall, where we did People’s Chair X100. We then did BTTW X25 and Indian Ran to our favorite rockpile. With the rocks, we did Tricep Extensions X25, Bent over Rows X25, and then held our rocks out front for 25 counts. YHC was gracious and allowed the PAX to throw the rocks back and mosey to flag for some Mary


Freddie Mercury X25

American Hammers X25

YHC was going to have the PAX do some easy workout, namely 6in off the Ground, but one member of the PAX brilliantly suggested some NAVY SEAL SITUPS! Mumblechatter followed about not mentioning them next time. – Field and Stream, great choice.



We had a FNG out today – Great to have you Pee Wee!

Mud Run April 30th.  April 17th deadline – we need 2 more guys to complete teams?

Prayer Requests:
No specifics

Floppy Disk took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

Some mumblechatter was heard during People’s Chair, YHC believes it was a fan favorite!

It was great to be able to lead the guys as a Q. Thanks for splitting the Q with me Field and Stream. Definitely be doing so again! Come on out to Agoge and join us!