On a brisk spring morning, 4 PAX made it their mission to get better. Like Gideon, they overcame the odds (and the fartsack) to push ahead! The weird thing was that although there were 8 hands ready to work, only 7 gloves seemed to show up… Somehow Pigpen was channeling his inner MJ…


  • Imperial Walker x 20
  • Good Morning x 20
  • Std. Merkin x 10
  • Mosey up to the right-side top of the dam; Overhead (Ruck) Press x 20 with a 10 second pause in the middle


We made up an exercise! YHC thought up a weird diagonal shuffle across the walking path accompanied by 2 squats, then repeat all the way to the second bench. Then, double-time to the end of the dam. It was weird, but it burned there about 70% through…

Head out on the path, where we stopped at the bath house for a set of:

  • High Erkins x 15
  • Alternating L/R Lunges x 15
  • Derkin x 15
  • Repeat-O all but reps x 10

Head out to the bridge at a fast clip. Rucks off at the bridge. Since we had 4 PAX, partering up was easy. P1 carried 2 Rucks across to the far side. Do x 10 Merkins (no Ruck), then pick ’em up and hoof it back. All the while, P2 did SSH.

Next was a repeat, this time with only 1 Ruck carried like a sack of potatoes. P1 did this while P2 performed squats. Don’t you know, YHC broke his SECOND RUCK’s sternum strap. Not cool, 5.11 Tactical #refund…

Final trip across the bridge was “regular”, with Rucks and 10 Merkins with Rucks. Quickly banged out 20 x Dying Cockroaches, then headed back to the beginning of the bridge. From there, we moseyed back to the dam. On that last hill, we bear crawled up, with 1 Merkin at every fifth hand motion. This sucked.

At the top of the dam, we headed across to the second (far) bench, then double-timed to the far end. We again did the Overhead (Ruck) Press x 20 with a 10 second pause in the middle. Return to the launching point for Mary.


  • American Hammers (with Rucks) x 20
  • LBC (with Rucks) x 20
  • Full-body stretch