After a very intense week of studious endeavors, YHC was honored to fill-in for The Crick regulars. Just like Cristiano Ronaldo did on Sunday, we set out to put pain in the chests five very American PAX.


the PAX moseyed across Vogel st to the Walgreens parking lot for:
Mountain Climbers x15
Good Mornings x15
Plank Jacks x15
Standard Merkins x15
LBC’s x15

The Thang:

From the parking lot, we traveled back across Vogel and into familiar grounds for an irkin, merkin and derkin beat-down.

Line up in a single file line, facing the seven tree planters. One at a time (while the remaining PAX do air squats)

Set #1
– Karaoke to each planter, do 10 irkins at each (70 total)
– Air squats OYO while we’re waiting for the group (~50)
Set #2
– Air squats OYO while you’re waiting. (~25)
– Bear crawl to first planter, 2 derkins.
– Bear crawl to second planter, 4 derkins.
– Bear crawl to third planter, 6 derkins.
– Bear crawl to fourth planter, 8 derkins.
– Bear crawl to fifth planter, 6 derkins.
– Bear crawl to sixth planter, 4 derkins.
– Bear crawl to seventh planter, 2 derkins.

Mosey over to THE STUMP hill.

After quick set of Sir Fazio Arm Circles (just to keep the pain going), we took on the hill.
Run 1- Sprint up, then WWII’s x10 at the crest. Army crawl down
Run 2- Karaoke to base, back pedal up, 5 burpees at the top and bear crawl down
Run 3- Sprint up, 10 LBC’s at crest, sprint back to tag sidewalk and sprint back to top.
High plank hold until group arrived.

To the picnic tables! (PAX picked three random)

Set #1 
– 1 box jump (table top height)
– 10 irkins
– 5 plank climbs (special thanks to Bob Villa for creating this.)
Set #2
– 10 box jumps (table top)
– 10 irkinss
Set #3
– 1 box jump (table top)
– 10 irkins
– 3 plank climbs


By this point, the dedicated PAX had enjoyed quite the pectorial, tricep and abdominal beat-down. We had a couple extra seconds so Mary continued that theme…

LBC’s x15
RLBC’s x15
WWII x10
Poke the Hole x15
Russian Hammers x20
Box Cutters x10
Russian Hammers x10

The PAX were short on announcements this morning.

Strong work by all 5 PAX this morning! In case you didn’t count, we did 100 irkins and the burn feels great!! As we aren’t professionals, we all have limits. T-claps to Nutter for taking a few reps off to regain that composure and finishing strong!

As always, it’s an honor to Q. Thank you for letting YHC lead you through the gloom!