A battle hardened PAX of 27 almost met their match today in the form of a bathrobe wearing octogenarian.  Despite her skeptical glances and not-so-subtle accusations of “gang-like” activity, the PAX dodged serious trouble.  Perhaps it was the calming words of Pep Boy – “we’re a faith based group” – that allowed our aged neighbor to breathe a little easier and read her newspaper in peace.  With that said, the PAX enjoyed a steamy morning of good times on Lakestone Drive.  Here’s how it went:

SSH x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Fazio Arm Circles x 15 each direction

Count off one’s and two’s for two column Indian Run out of N. Hills parking lot, across I-440 on Lassiter Mill, first right turn on Lakestone Drive to cul-de-sac for a total run of about 1/2 mile.
American Hammers x 30
Group 1 runs up hill towards Lassiter Mill stopping at each mailbox for 40-20-10 Merkin fest.  Group 2 heads downhill past “woman in bathrobe’s” house for the same at equal intervals.
Group 2 runs up hill for 40-20-10 LBC fest while Group 1 runs downhill for same.
Group 1 runs up hill for 10-10-10 burpees while Group 2 runs downhill for same.
Lots of running with some hills and the sweat was pouring off the PAX.

Run up hill to corner of Lakestone and Stafford Ct. – Long Slow Flutter x 20

Partner up for some wheelbarrow fun going up the Stafford Court hill.  Wheelbarrow to first streetlight on left then flapjack and wheelbarrow the rest of the way to the top.
At top – box cutters x 20.

Head back to Lakestone and run up hill to Lassiter Mill (Gnobby and Manram decided this was a good time to race – not sure who won.)

Stop on Lassiter Bridge over I-440 – 20 dips OYO; repeat.  (At some point a shirtless Bob Vila drove by and shared his good will and his impressive physique).

Head back to base camp at JCPenney.  Trying to stick to a schedule, YHC was ready to call it a day.  But, Elsinore said we still had some time so – WWII sit ups x 30.

Announcements – Mud Run coming up in October.  Sign up!

Prayer Requests – Dufresne and his family.

Naked Moleskin – YHC noted his interest in history and his interest in F3.  With that, an attempt was made to throw a little F3 Raleigh history at the PAX even though YHC is a relative newbie to the PAX (Sept 11 to be exact).  Just as YHC got started with the history chat, one very loud truck and a lawnmower of some sort started making noise (lots of noise) but the message was delivered nonetheless.  Discussed amazing expansion of F3 from six workouts in Raleigh one year ago to twenty-two today.  Told story of Howard going to CLT to post in an ice storm and his trailblazing role in bringing F3 to Raleigh with Wendell Gee.  Talked about Dredd leading first workout in Raleigh at Pullen. Also, shared names of early Raleigh PAX such as Money Hose, White Shoe, Maize, Ron Burgundy, Madoff, Floppy Disc, Fazio, Linda, Tarp, TSquare, King David and how F3 has grown from a few guys posting maybe 100 total this time last year to a group with almost 500 posts last week.  Other names should be certainly included as they have created this excellent thing that has meant so much to me and others.  Shared what YHC knew about role of the Raleigh Nantan Chong Li and his efforts to keep F3 Raleigh on track with the mission.  FYI – King David is now our new Nantan.  Restated the F3 mission which is: “To plant grow ands serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.”  All PAX were encouraged to put the EH on men who could use a little F3 (in other words – everybody).  Special thanks to White Shoe and Maize for sharing their experiences as F3 started in Raleigh.

YHC cannot adequately express his gratitude for F3 and, most particularly, Tony Robbins for making me post at a workout and, more importantly, making me stick with it.

Close out prayer by Manram who, as always, did an excellent job.